Bryan Cook

Graphic Artist / Production designer / Music Supervisor

Bryan was initially commissioned to help produce music for the feature film Offbeat. But more of his complex talents were revealed and put to use on the Minnes Tree Media team.

ART: Bryan studied commercial art and graphic design at Remington College in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bryan has served as a freelance artist for over twenty years contracted to create a diverse portfolio of portraits, murals, web sites and multiple graphic designs for company promotional wear, logos, flyers and posters. Bryan also specializes in fine art utilizing his skills with watercolors, oil painting, acrylic painting, charcoal, Pyrography and mixed media arts. Bryan is also a skilled furniture designer and builder, combining his artistic craft with functional design, he creates unique one of a kind pieces. Bryan exclusively designed all graphics and art for the faith based feature film, Offbeat.

MUSIC: Bryan has been a singer, songwriter and guitarist for over 20 years. He started as a Co-founder, lead singer and guitarist of alternative rock band, Sufficient Grounds. Shortly after recording their first studio album, the band drew local media attention and 2 of their original songs acquired regional radio air play. Sufficient Grounds won the second place prize at the Arkansas State fair in the Battle of The Bands competition and went on to perform at well known, Vino’s and a variety of other musical venues. Bryan sings and plays guitar for church worship. Bryan sang lead vocals and played lead guitar for songs “Crooked Tuesday” and “My Heart Belongs to You” for the use in the 2015 feature film, Offbeat.

ACTING: Bryan made his acting debut in a lead role as Big John, in faith based feature film, Offbeat.

Bryan is passionate about using all of his gifts to serve and glorify the Lord.


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