Ray Slogar


Executive Producer

Ray has been a faithful missionary to corporate America for several years. He was commissioned by Victoria’s Secret to assist in the creative development team of the now mega brand PINK. In 2016 Ray played a role on the ramp up to launch team at Amazon for its crowned-jewel technology fulfillment center in Columbus, Ohio. Ray has also served on the security team for VIPs at 41 Ocean, Santa Monica’s premier dance club.

Ray has also served as an associate producer on the film A Life Connected starring Erin Bethea (Fireproof) Graham Greene (The Shack, Dances With Wolves) and Kenton Duty (The Encounter, Lost). Ray assisted in the final edit gold coverage on the film In Stranger Company, a film starring Danny Trejo. In 1996 Ray played the lead role in Snapshot, an independent demon-chasing thriller released straight to DVD.

In late 2017 God led him to Danielle and Bryan and the Minnes Tree Media team through a mutual friend in movie production.

Ray loves people. Ray loves putting people together. Making movies is a dream come true. Ray is also a pilot who loves aviation and he is a graduate of Notre Dame University.

Ray has five rules for life
1. Have fun
2. Make friends
3. Be kind
4. Be generous
5. Save the unicorns
Unicorns are an allegory representing the hidden secret dreams that God has placed in your heart that will take the Mighty Right Hand of God’s favor on you to see them come to pass.

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